Wok to go

Wok to Go Rotterdam


Because we believe in healthy eating habits. Wok To Go sees it as its mission to offer tasty and nutritious food affordably. We believe it is important that everyone can share in the joy of healthy eating. Come visit one of our branches and get acquainted with our varied, surprising and above all delicious Street Food Menu. Come by and share our delicious dishes with your friends and loved ones. Come along and share in the joy of Asian Street Food. You will find us in almost all major cities in the Netherlands and always centrally located.


Because we serve you authentic stir-fry dishes that transport you to Asia for a while. Surprising because we work on new and exciting dishes every day. For us, street food means: experience, diversity of flavors, smells and colors in many different versions. Street food connects people from all over the world.


Because the Wok is the perfect instrument to put a fantastic meal on the table in a short time. We believe in cooking over high heat, because the vegetables stay fresh and crispy, the meat becomes tender and the vitamins and minerals of all ingredients are preserved. This way, all our beautiful ingredients come into their own.


Omdat we gebruik maken van gevarieerde en kleurrijke ingrediënten, kruiden en specerijen waar de Aziatische keuken rijk aan is en waar wij trots op zijn. Wok To Go brengt je met geuren die je neus prikkelen en smaken waarvan het water je in de mond loopt voor even in de heerlijke beleving van Aziatisch Streetfood.